The UC Davis Integrative Center for Alternative Meat and Protein (iCAMP) leads the way in developing transformative knowledge & innovation to accelerate the commercialization of alternative proteins and sustainably fulfill all global need predicted by 2050

iCAMP is a comprehensive center of excellence accelerating key routes to the commercialization of alternative proteins (plant-based, fungal/fermentation-based, cell-based meat) to meet the growing global demand for delicious, nutritious, healthy, and affordable protein-rich foods. 

iCAMP will identify food properties driving consumer acceptance, hybrid products, and integrated processes to make commercialization faster and more sustainable.


david block portrait

Center Director

Professor David Block

Department of Viticulture & Enology
Department of Chemical Engineering

Dr. Block serves as the ICAMP Center Director and leads the efforts to build global excellence in alternative protein and cultivated meat food innovation research and development.  




kara leong portrait

Executive Director

Kara E. Leong, M.S.

Leong manages the overall program, strategic partnerships, external relations, and activities for the UC Davis Integrative Center for Alternative Meat & Protein (ICAMP).  Please direct all inquiries to  keleong@ucdavis.edu





denneal jamison mclung portrait

Education & Workforce Training Director

Dr. Denneal Jamison-McClung

Jamison-McClung leads the education and workforce development for iCAMP.